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Doom takes Mass Winter at the Teragram Ballroom

Cocktails in the air, the blue melancholic lights covering the horizon, and a kick drum that you

can feel in your lungs as you stand listening to the melodic vocals of Christina Esfandari of the

band King Woman.

My first experience at the Teragram Ballroom began January 7th, 2022 where I was able to

venture into a world of metallic shoegaze and its melancholic power of doom. Everyone seemed

to be moving to the sound like a wave that is being controlled by an ethereal siren. King Woman

finished the night after a line up that consisted of Blackwater Holy Night, Izzy Spears, The

There was a diverse lineup that ranged from doomy shoegaze metal to punk and I was here for it.

I watched as people moshed the night away when Urns and Argyles played “Elsewhere,” a heavy

distorted song that you can feel in your toes.

The night was also touched by contemporary forms of rap and

experimental pop punk by the artists Izzy Spears and J-Mont. Though

this is not my preferred form of music it was a thrilling experience to

see these artists live. A firm believer in the fact that all music and art

should be admired because it gives you a glimpse of someone else’s


As the night progresses you notice how the audience’s mood shifts

throughout the night according to the music. This experience revealed

to me how powerful music is. It moves from the very front of the stage to the unseeable back of the building where the high blinding lights are coming from all the way back down to the bar.

There was a very transforming feeling because of the strength and passion that emulated from

the stage that night. Women in the music industry are often overlooked and taken for granted in

comparison to their male counterparts. Which is why I was very fortunate to have a primarily

female lineup.

It is a shame that I seldom see powerful women create music that moves, music that maddens,

and music that is magical. This is not because we as women are incapable, it is because of the

fragile male ego that currently runs deep in the vines of Hollywood.

Which is why it is essential that people attend and support local show venues so that others are

able to experience the powerful siren-like vocals of Christina Esfandari and the melodic violin

solos of Backwater Holyknight.

After finishing the night with a breathtaking performance by King Woman everyone gathered to applaud the bands that played. Each one contributed differently in their aim to bring out an appeal to its audience. The night was filled with drinks, laughs and unforgettable memories. For as the music stopped, the room remained filled with joyous reminiscence of all that had occurred throughout the evening.

I am very thankful for the opportunity to write about my experience on Day Two of the Winter

Mass in the Teragram Ballroom. Thank you to Penniback Records for putting this show together!


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