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EP Review: Memos From Sailor Jerry By Torched Eyes!

By Lily Christiansen

Torched Eyes is a rock-punk-garage band from LA that released their first EP, Memos From Sailor Jerry, on December 30 of 2021. They punch you in the face (in a good way of course), with some fun catchy songs that really scream about it all in this sick track list!

photo by: @baddoggyjpg on Instagram!

This EP really has everything; from well thought out bass parts, drums patterns, guitar parts, and vocals. In the end, it all comes together to create a super sick, fun and lighthearted environment for the listener to melt into! When I first listened to it when it came out, I immediately knew that my go-to song to crack in the car would be Pheromones! (It's my personal favorite track on the EP!)

I am totally obsessed with this project. It's the perfect set of songs to listen to when you want to get hyped up and ready for the day (That's what I have been doing and I love it!) The tone is super raw and natural, which I think is really cool, and is what makes the EP incredibly unique and entertaining to listen to!

As a musician myself, when I listened to the EP, it made me super inspired to write and create more grungy, raw-sounding songs! There is something about this whole EP that makes me want to get out, have fun and not take anything too seriously; I personally really admire that kind of attitude in a band!

I've seen Torched Eyes play this entire EP live multiple times, and I have got to say it is INSANE!!! Each band member is extremely talented and the fact that they were able to make an EP as special as Memos From Sailor Jerry just shows that there is more greatness to come from them in the future!


GO STREAM Memos From Sailor Jerry ON ALL PLATFORMS! Give it a solid listen!


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