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Fashion Spotlight

Introducing The Fashion Spotlight, where each month individuals with eye-catching fashion are interviewed and showcased. Here we have the beautiful and aesthetically pleasing Forrest Dawson (@fo.real), spotted in line at a pop-up market run by Good Sport ( I fell in love with Forrest's wonderfully unique style.

Photo by Saskia Shania Reed

Let's dig into the fashion of Forrest Dawson and what makes her, her. What inspires her fashion? “I really get inspired by the unexpected when it comes to fashion. I like mixing different genres of styles, often one's people wouldn't expect, like especially futuristic blends mixed with more prairie/pirate styles...” As seen in the photo above, Forrest gives off the futuristic prairie vibe perfectly. In line she told me a few of the items she is wearing she reconstructed herself; like the collared neck accessory and the baby blue cover up. The layered silk dress and lingerie blouse with a corset to pull the outfit together is worn beautifully and the fishnets complete the look.

Forrest Dawson next to Keely Mettlen (@pashunfrutt)

As sustainable and recycled fashion is making a comeback, thrifting and secondhand shopping is becoming more popular by the day. It was amazing to learn that Forrest herself thrifts her outfits and even reconstructs and makes her own clothes! “...I really have been wanting to learn how to sew myself, I have so many things I sketch or dream about making one day.” I can see that dream becoming a reality easily with Forrest’s talent to repurpose used clothing and make it into something new.

Photo from Forrest Dawson

I truly admire a person dressing in their own unique fashion and style and breaking the social barriers that keep us from being ourselves. But self-doubt and feeling the need to change because of outside influences is something not inevitable, Even Forrest herself has faced these problems. “.. Especially as a trans woman, I would constantly doubt myself in what I’d wear, I didn't want any more attention drawn to myself — But over the years I've really let go of myself and allowed myself to wear anything that makes me happy and feel most myself.” Expressing yourself through fashion is quite a journey and the evolution of one's style is something I love to hear about.

Photo from Forrest Dawson

Forrest got bolder by the year with her fashion. It's always a goal for her to level up her style. She has always been pushing to pursue a unique fashion since high school. “Even pre transition as a highschooler, I was the first in my class to really start thrifting and wearing things that most ‘boys’ wouldn't.” Forrest had to progress fast within her transition, “...figuring out what works and doesn't work for my body, things I think cis people figure out much earlier. Forrest describes her present self very high femme with a futuristic edge mix that still feels vintage. Drawn to the carefree but purposeful looks of punk fashion, Forrest has expressed herself through fashion, constantly outshining herself.

Photo from Forrest Dawson

It's not only her outfits that stand out, but Her makeup looks are also eye-catching. Forrest's’ bold and colorful eye makeup corresponding with her outfits is something of art. As an artist herself, and a natural at drawing and painting, it comes to no surprise that she expresses her art through her makeup. An everyday look for Forrest consists of a neutral smokey brown base with bold and abstract accents.

Photo from Forrest Dawson

Below find more examples of Forrest and her fashion journey. It was amazing learning about Forrest Dawson’s style, and I hope the reader is as inspired as I am to break fashion boundaries.


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