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A place where fashion has no limits...

by Saskia Reed

The diverse and unique punk fashion community has no limits. This was proven to me at Freak Fest. An art showcase of artists and companies where diversity is its prominence. Using all second-hand and up-cycled clothing, these designers created astonishing clothing pieces which could be called art.


Street Like Fashion

On the casual and street style side of fashion, we have two of my favorite looks from the designers Cavity.FML and Secret Sister. Sometimes simple fashion can make a greater statement, and in this case, less is more. The renovation of a simple white business button down is what truly stood out to me. On the left, we have an inkblot like paint splatter that draws our attention. The designer fitted these models very well, making sure to keep pants and shoes neutral, as the main star of the show are the shirts. On the right, we have a more direct and sharper look, where both sides of the button down were utilized. I love the wing effect lining up with the buttons and the pop of color from the matching beanie and glasses. Truly, one of a kind.


Musical Colors

If color is something more of your interest, we have this beautiful chic and elegant look above by the designer, Secret Sister. I absolutely adore and love the cheetah fur print neck strap. It contrasts beautifully with the blue and is overall very creative. This doesn't take away from the silk blue dress that is worn ever most elegantly by the model. Keep in mind, all of these looks are made from secondhand clothing that have been redesigned. I love the creativity with the musical show star theme art on the dress, which takes the dress to a whole different level of uniqueness.


Punk Clown

The trending ruffled and “poofy” sleeves will always stand out in the fashion industry. These sleeves give a clown/joker look which I absolutely adored. On the left, the mid arm ruffled sleeves look amazing with tight fuzzy sleeves underneath. The singled button shirt with jagged art designs and the metal loops on the bottom of the shirt really pulled this look together, as all of these are very different fashion statements, which yet manage to go beautifully together. The designer, Cavity.FML, Had a white and black theme to this line as well as their personalized jagged design seen on all their work. On the right we have a more prevalent sleeve which, I must say, was modeled perfectly. The iconic and unique jagged design takes this top to another level while still keeping it simple. The hat. The hat. The hat. I absolutely love the hat and can confidently say it brings the whole look together. The designer really did it with these looks; the accessories, sleeves and designs all brought the “punk clown” look to the stage and I am most enthusiastically here for it!


Personal Favorites

I want to end this article with a photo collection of a few personal favorites of models and designs. As always, thank you for reading JUNK! Punk Show and stay tuned for more fashion news!



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