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Funky Fungus Released and Reviewed

About the band:

Wazoo is a musical collective that originates in southern California. The band consists of two percussion players (Juan and David), two guitarists (Chris and Ozzy) and one bassist (Salvador). This collective provides a creative outlet for all of the artist’s that are involved.

A quote from percussion player David reads as follows “the people in and around the band put great amounts of creative energy into the music, shows, and visuals. It really motivates us to create a beautiful thing, whether it is seen by others or not.”


Local band “Wazoo” releases “rat fungus” album showcasing a combination of indie/psychedelic rock in the SoCal scene. “Rat fungus” consists of seven songs and the whole album lasts about fifteen minutes making an excellent album for those of us who have a short ride to work and want to get there with an extra sense of vitality.

This primarily instrumental album has perfect transitions between clean and dirty guitar playing throughout each of their songs in the album. Throughout “rat fungus” there are not many lyrics that follow the music but the instruments are more than enough to impress any listener. There is an excellent balance amongst each instrument.

In listening to each song the listener can hear the diverse ideas of each of the collaborators in this band. The music’s melody can appeal to a diverse set of listeners with “peach tongues” as a slow song with a more melodic rhythm and “green screen” for a much more heavier sound.

Overall, rat fungus impresses its audience with its funky fermented style! rat fungus leaves it’s listeners with a tart and just shy of sweet kombucha mushroom like flavor.

Reviewer's Recommendation:

“Summer Salt” from the rat fungus album.

Photographs by: @cancerpit on Instagram


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