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SHOW RECAP!! Enjoy LIVE with D.I. and the Mainliners in Santa Ana

By Marvin Smith

Wyatt Shears (one half of The Garden) took the stage May 7th in Orange County alongside punk legends (!!!) D.I. and local band the Mainliners!

This show is probably my favorite one I’ve gone to to date! The energy was high the entire time with a pit starting before the bands even started playing, and continued the whole night!!! The Mainliners went on first playing songs from their newly released EP ‘Heavenly Dose Demos.’ and a few unreleased songs as well! This show really got me hooked on them and I can’t wait to see what they up their sleeve (a song rec of mine would definitely be ‘Another Type of Hell’ and ‘Bondage’!!).

D.I. went on stage and killed it, as per usual. They played all the hits including Richard Hung Himself and Johnnys got A Problem. Sadly, no I Hate Surfing in H.B. ): There was also a raccoon tail wearing ass throwing elbows in the pit (booooo if thats you).

Enjoy went on last playing both new and old songs as well as an Agression cover!

Here's an unofficial setlist for anybody interested in all of the songs played!!! :

I’ve personally been listening to Enjoy since about 8th grade, and with me about to graduate high school, being able to see them live before graduating was such a pleasure!!!

Each of the bands set was amazing and absolutely incomparable. The was not a single dull moment. I brought a friend of mine who doesn't normally listen to the kind of music played at the show, and even she said she had an amazing time!! If you ever get the chance to see any one of the three bands I highly recommend it!!!!!!


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