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Show Recap!! Ohad n Astrid EP Release SHAPESHIFTER in DTLA

By Onyx Fife

Photo by Onyx

Big ups to Ohad and Astrid for throwing this show!!!!!! Little Friday the 13th moment. I’m sorry this is late asf I’m fucked up TvT

The whole night felt…dream like. Every set added to the entire experience. The electric pop, crushgaze and indie rock’s differing aesthetics and sounds complimented each other so well!!

Photo by Onyx

I adored this venue!!! The ever changing hues n themes projecting the walls complemented the electric sounds and enmeshed peace and divine chaos perfectly. The fire escape overlooking Santee St was so serene. It was so sick to see Ohad and Astrid play from a different perspective. gahhh my heart was so full!!

Photo by Onyx

Giovanny (@d4u6ht3r) came out first with an original set stirring the energy inside everyone. Umbra’s (@umbra_abra) dreamy upbeat sound just elevated the vibration from there. Me n my homie were seshing outside for Clear Capsules set but I know they went hard! Ohad and Astrid brought us up higher to a blissful intensity playing ‘close 2 me’, ‘2x a day’ and songs from their new EP ‘Shapeshifter’!! Torched Eyes went on after the duo playing songs from their EP ‘Memos From Sailor Jerry’ and an unreleased song! Stay tuned!!! My personal fav was 11ai’s (@4_a_m) set at the end of the night, accompanied by a gradual descent back into a calm meditation. Collectively everyone created the most divine expression and exchange of life!!!!!

Photo by Onyx

For Ohad’s side of the record, “3 of the original tracks were made all the way around March or April. They were half finished and over the year I slowly added vocals, extra parts, and generally properly rounded out the song structure.”

Astrid’s vision of electric and pop music is derived from Gaspar Noe’s film, Climax.

“The way ppl live and move in it…the interactions between body’s and the shift of energy aggressively.”

“Writing within the contour of the text [is difficult] because gender is beyond language itself but I guess music is an attempt to live within the experience. It is most effectively communicated and explored internally through art and music and it’s extremely tied to aesthetic sensibility. That is the emotional talisman of the music.”

Notes from the EP


“It’s the obvious twist…there’s this intense shift in the auto tune in the end. My voice is heavily pitched up throughout the whole song and then at the end I’m repeating these 4 lines. I turn the auto tune very slowly down, I turn it back to my normal voice then I turn it off entirely to where I’m not even being pitched correctly. that song breathes more than any of the other (songs) I’m presenting right now. It’s lives a little more just because there’s a long ambient chunk at the end. So that one is very emotionally dense in performance.”


“The conception of that one is very charged.”

“I don’t make very much art about being trans. I’m not interested in telling my story because my story is not that unique. It’s not what I’m interested in doing in any means. Its solipsistic.”

“It’s interesting that so much of the music ends up being about being trans. I don’t want to write autobiographically but transitioning takes up so much of my time just literally thinking about what transitioning means and what being alive as a woman very newly means. It's a very fresh thing.”

“But, somehow, I was in a place emotionally where I was working on [Shapeshifter] n I was just making the instrumental in my apartment n I was writing the lyrics n I started crying… and I was like seriously crying while writing these lyrics n then I couldn’t finish writing the song bc I was crying.”



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