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Song Review: Sirena by Draino

“Sirena” by Draino

By Poleen Imme

Draino is a progressive grunge band who released their single “Sirena” in 2021. As I listened through tangled headphones, I immediately knew that this ear-catching, hypnotizing track would be a favorite of mine!

At first listen, the captivating intro really draws the listener into the song. The memorable bass parts which later progress to catchy, intricate guitar and drum parts definitely deem the track as unforgettable. This piece really shines as the elements of unique texture and raw tone have the listener playing it on repeat.

I am absolutely obsessed with this song. I especially think the grungy and raw vibe provides a sense of classic nostalgia. The track really creates an atmosphere of its own and I think the uniqueness of this piece spawns from the undeniable great energy that absorbs the listener into the track. As the melody of the song progresses and builds up, the complexity of the piece really gets you hyped up and vibing in your seat.

The song Sirena is definitely a new addition to my playlist and without a doubt one of my favorite songs at the moment. I am genuinely so excited for Draino to release new mesmerizing material that can allure future listeners!

Listen to "Sirena" on Spotify or Apple Music!


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