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Song Review: The Novel Nostalgia of Bluedive's "Kario Mart"

The Covid-19 pandemic allowed people to distance themselves from sterile cubicles and redefine professionalism. Creative projects were prioritized as worldwide self-isolation fueled heightened self-awareness. Bluedive emerged from this creative period in the midst of 2020. Originally a trio, Bluedive features vocalist/guitarist Aidan Dixon, guitarist Beck Garcia, drummer Riff Gordon, and vocalist/bassist Sebastian Landa.

Photo by Quynn Lubs

Kario Mart emphasizes our reinforced self-isolation. One line notes, “I feel like such a disgrace because I’m pacing the sky this morning.” Instead of sharing a lengthy film-bro-esque analysis of Bluedive’s new single, just read my testimony. After the song was over, I kept replaying it until my headphones died. My mini obsession with Kario Mart partly stems from its nostalgic riffs and warm energy. The other half of me knows that I’m mostly drawn to my interpretation of themes like post-quarantine isolation and delayed socialization. The SoundCloud description reads, "'Kario Mart' is about the lifestyle of being young and living in the moment. Life's too short to be tripping." After these past few years, I feel like we were robbed of so many milestones and moments. However minuscule they may be, appreciate the moments that have led to the present. Don't deny yourself happiness just because you're focused on the past or the inevitable future.

If Bluedive ever puts out music that I don’t love, maybe then I’ll indulge in pretentious criticism. Drown out all distractions, put on a pair of headphones, and take it all in. Enjoy.

Check out Bluedive on Instagram! Listen to Kario Mart on Spotify , Apple Music , or SoundCloud.


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