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Song Review: "Wasted Space" by Katrina Weissman

Katrina Weissman is an indie pop rock singer/songwriter based in Los Angeles. Teaming up with artists from T. Rexico and Strange Weekend, Katrina is releasing 6 singles this year, unfolding a brutal and evolving philosophy on heartbreak, disillusionment and fear.

The first single “Wasted Space” is packed with 90’s dream pop guitars, 70’s vocal husk and Fiona Apple-esque lyrics, drenched in self-aware fragility.

From the beginning of the song, with the drums, guitar, and vocals integrating nicely into one another, Katrina sets the stage for a raw and beautiful expression of her feelings. As the lyrics are sung, you can immediately sense the vulnerability in her words. With this, the listener can feel the singer’s emotions as though they are their own. I think an artist’s ability to reach their audience in such a way is an indicator of a very talented artist, and Katrina exemplifies that perfectly!

Additionally, the lyrics have a poetic touch to them, with the singer describing citrus stained hands and broken mirrors on sidewalks.

As the song progresses, Katrina comes to terms with her own feelings about the relationship she is writing of, explaining to whomever she is writing about that she doesn't even want their love. As difficult such a reality is to come to terms with, it is clear that Katrina has that sort of awareness, delivering her words with raw honesty. With this honesty, there is a sense of confidence in what she is saying that can be felt; in a song that is already very truthful and beautiful, I think the self-certainty Katrina has adds a special sort of beauty to the song.

Also, notably, the instrumental build up that takes place around the 3:00 minute mark all the way to 3:50 perfectly mirrors how emotions build up and, ultimately, come to a head.

Overall, the song is crafted very beautifully and each aspect of it, from the guitars to the lyrics, shines with certainty as well as talent. I look forward to the upcoming singles Katrina has in store for us!

“Wasted Space” will be available on streaming platforms July 22.

You can pre-save the single here!


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