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Shows, zines, and community.

Aiming to foster a more inclusive music scene.

Providing artists with an outlet to create.

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equipment Rental Info

PA System includes:

- 8-input Alesis mixer

- 2 EV ZLX PA Speakers

- 2 PA Speaker stands

- 1 PGA48 Shure Microphone

- 1 SM58 Shure Microphone

- 2 Microphone Stands

- Extension chords, XLR cables, power cables, etc.

Drum Set Includes:

- Kick drum, floor tom, 2 rack toms, rack tom mounts, snare stand, hi-hat stand, ride/crash stand, kick pedal

- Drum rug 

$40/hr. - PA System alone

- $20/hr. - Drum Set alone

- $60/hr. - PA System and Drum Set

Must be booked at least 2 weeks in advance.

Click below to email us and get the rental process started!


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JUNK! is always looking for volunteers for events, writers to contribute to online and print zines, bands to play shows, artists to vend, photographers to document shows, and more!

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