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What is JUNK!?

JUNK! is show promotion, an online publication, art zines, and more. Overall, though, JUNK! is a community, aiming to foster a safe space for all. 

JUNK! is a queer-nonbinary-founded organization, providing artists with an outlet to create, and working to build a safer, more inclusive music scene.

JUNK! shows are no place for homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism, harassment, assault, etc.

Show Promotion

JUNK! aims to throw 1-2 shows/month. We handle everything; booking the venue, bands, and vendors, creating the flyer, promoting the show through social media, securing a backline for equipment, etc.


Funds earned through the door will be split 70/30 with the bands and JUNK! (JUNK! receiving 30%) All bands are guaranteed at least a $40 payout* for each show.


*For fundraiser shows, bands may receive less payment. This will be communicated during the booking process.



In order to provide a spotlight to talented artists within the scene, JUNK! Webzine includes interviews with bands, photographers, and visual artists, along with album reviews, show recaps, opinion pieces from community members, and more.

Physical print zines coming soon!

JUNK! is always looking for contributors! Contact us to write articles for the zine!

Show Rules and Regulations

- No glass, No noz.

- Anyone who experiences any form of harassment or assault at a JUNK! show can find any show volunteer and the situation will be handled. Those creating an unsafe environment will be banned from attending future JUNK! shows.

- No one will be turned away from shows due to lack of funds.

- Mosh at your own risk!

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