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Sluttony's "Everybody's Business" Review and Mini Interview!

by Marvin Smith

Sluttony is an all femme Santa Cruz based band who released their first single "Everybody’s Business" back in March 2022!!

pic creds to: @treestamp_ on instagram!

The song was co-written with Hunter Kelly, a member of Santa Cruz local band Trestles. The lyrics were written based on an inside joke between band members about “everyone in Santa Cruz basically being interweined in some way or another, and how everyone knows everyone through some crazy instance.” coming straight from the bands lead singer, Hannah Goodwin!

I absolutely LOVE the song! The intro reminds me of Babes in Toylands’ Sweet 69 (one of my favorite songs at the moment!!) and a bit of The Buttertones’ Bats on the Celing. Swing, surf influenced intros definitely hook me in to give a song a full listen. It’s fun and exciting and really makes you anticipate how the rest of the song will sound.

And the rest of the song did not disappoint! The vocals are absolutely amazing and have such a rich tone. This song is structured so perfectly. The verses, chorus, and the bridge mend so well together. The melody that carries on throughout the song is incredibly catchy, and is sure to get stuck in your head!

As a future UC Santa Cruz student, this song makes me so excited to be apart of the music scene there, as well as the major possibility of seeing Sluttony live!!! The band has their debut EP on the way and I one-hundred-percent can not wait to see what they have in store! The new EP takes inspiration from several different influences and genres!!

"Everybody’s Business" is OUT NOW on all streaming platforms!!!! Go give it a listen!!

pssst (•: spotify link down below!


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